The travel industry has seen many shifts and changes in the past decade.Online Travel Agencies have been dominating a massive proportion of the entire travel market, In China, as an example more than 81% of travelrelated bookings are done through online travel mobile applications in the year of 2018. We Identified the benefits for hotels to diversify markets andsales instead of sorely focusing on a few outdated models. Proven incentive models such as hotels membership users to and many online booking models is not our intention. Our mission is to continuously explore the potentials of new technology to augment and expand sales channels, and extract all possible benefits that align with the new era and democratic business models.


Some hotels are still driven to exert energies on signing up annually for collaborative deals with travel agencies, enterprises, organizations etc. We are focusing on blockchain’s many use cases in the travel industry. Our recent acquisition of Homebloc hotels, and “Committee of standards in real estate asset management” Comprising industry hotel leaders are focusing on creating and implementing solutions for the next gen hotel managements and customer incentives.


Hai-Yue Garden B&B by Homebloc/Beizhu are furnished, and equipped bed & breakfast Businesses in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. The properties are surrounded by themepark, hot springs, sea world, and public beaches. Just miles away from Macau, making our location one of the most convenient spots to access the Mainland-Macau custom.

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