Blockchain Live NYC was hosted by THEDEx and Lair East in order to facilitate mainstream adoption of Blockchain and digital assets through education and achieving consensus.

THEDEx facilitates exposure of established projects in Blockchain, A.I. and Big Data to help build community awareness while providing a favorable environment to meet and connect. We invite pioneers and notable speakers to share their insights. In addition, the company hosts bi-weekly Meetup events and semi-annual conferences.

Lair East is a coworking space with a unique ecosystem that consists of various resources for startups, such as investment supports, accelerator programs, and a bridge for the China-US culture exchange community.

The event was held in New York City on Saturday, 9 November 2019, and was filled with robust industry insight from leaders and institutional investors in the space.

Homebloc, was one of the key sponsors of the event amongst other notables like: CPCTNYCEDCBlockchain Weekend, and Better MouseTrap. The event was a habitat of authenticity and a pleasant atmosphere.

Various topics were discussed, from the next generation of digital assets, insiders experience, and asset tokenization.

The main speakers of the Blockchain Live NYC were:

The event was initiated with a warm welcoming by Bryant Neilson, founder, and CEO of The Blockchain Academy. The Academy’s mission is to clarify what blockchain is and how companies and industries can leverage their key strengths.

Afterward, a keynote was presented by Jimmy Rojas, a financial product lead at Fluidity. Jimmy expresses that the current challenges faced by Blockchain from security, speed, and interoperability are now being taken head-on by a much larger group globally. The interest to solve these challenges are from corporations, enterprises, and the financial services industry.

Later, Homebloc’s head of marketing, Jennifer Peng, shared an eloquent presentation on “Asset Tokenization”. Jennifer demonstrated the tokenization process, its key benefits and Homebloc ‘s plan to utilize this technology to solve some of the challenges in the real estate market.

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